Sunny Hills Milpitas Homes for Sale

Experience the Best of Silicon Valley Living: Sunny Hills Milpitas Homes for Sale

As a vibrant community, Sunny Hills takes great pride in its stunning natural beauty and rich heritage. The Sunnyhills area of Milpitas, California, is a popular residential area due to its numerous positive qualities. As one example, the neighborhood’s prime setting in the center of Silicon Valley makes it a popular option among people who make their living in the I.T. sector. It’s a beautiful spot for families because of the high quality of the local schools, parks, and other social activities. Apartments and townhouses coexist in this neighborhood, which also boasts a variety of nearby retail and dining options. This beautiful area is an excellent choice for individuals needing a place to call home close to Silicon Valley yet far from the hustle and bustle of the city proper, offering the best of both worlds. Finally, the Sunnyhills homes are properly maintained and usually have spacious yards with lovely landscaping, making the area feel serene and inviting. Families and young professionals searching for a quiet, central location in Silicon Valley often choose Sunny Hills Milpitas homes for sale.


Sunny Hills, Milpitas Real Estate Information

The Sunny Hills Milpitas homes for sale feature a wide selection of home prices for potential buyers. The neighborhood is highly desirable because of its quiet setting and central position. Prices for homes range from $600,000 to over $3.65 million, depending on factors such as square footage, location, and other amenities. There is a wide selection of 500-5,000 square foot single- and multi-family homes in the neighborhood, with anywhere from one to six bedrooms and one to seven bathrooms. The area’s lots are also available and typically range between 0.05 and 0.41 acres in size. The architecture of the homes is diverse and varies from contemporary to Spanish, ranch, and traditional styles. Sunny Hills is a great place to find a home that meets your budget and needs, whether you’re searching for a small apartment to share with your significant other or a large house to raise a family.


Sunny Hills’ Albert Augustine Jr. Memorial Park

Albert Augustine Jr. Memorial Park Playground is a wonderful place to spend time outside, especially with children. There is a beautiful playground for the kids to use in the park. The playground equipment includes giant slides, ladders, swings, seesaws, and spinning columns, which are guaranteed to provide plenty of fun for kids of all ages. The park’s picnic area is conveniently located close to the playground, making it easy for adults to keep an eye on their children while they play. This playground may be found at the intersection of Cortez and Coelho and Roger Streets. Sunnyhills Albert Augustine Jr. Memorial Park is historically significant since it is located in the nation’s first planned integrated community, Sunnyhills. The park has become a symbol of racial unity in the United States. Sunnyhills Albert Augustine Jr. Memorial Park is pivotal in history as a landmark representing racial harmony for decades.


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