Things To Do in Tubac, AZ

Things To Do in Tubac, AZ: A Unique Town

Tubac, Arizona, is a small community near the Tumacacori and Santa Rita Mountains. Since its establishment as a Spanish Presidio in 1752, it has gained widespread recognition as a crossroads of cultures. Hiking, cycling, holistic health, spa treatments, tastings of wines, and art classes are just a few of the available Things To Do in Tubac AZ, enjoyed by locals. Today, Tubac has developed into Southern Arizona’s cultural epicenter, home to a fantastic variety of excellent museums, boutiques, eating establishments, and works of art. Tubac, Arizona, is a unique town known for its extensive cultural and historical legacy and acting as a center for regional and international artists. With adventures, art galleries, wine-tasting facilities, and one of the world’s largest organic communities, the area is a great travel destination.


Cultural and Historical Sites

Some of the most significant historical and cultural locations you may see when visiting Tubac, Arizona, include:

Tumacácori National Historical Park: Three different Spanish mission villages compose Tumacácori National Historical Park, which also has an outstanding museum and a church that has been beautifully restored. Locals may tour a gorgeous, fascinating building with a former Franciscan and Jesuit mission church.

Tubac Presidio State Historical Park: The first state park in Arizona is Tubac Presidio State Historic Park. The park aims to preserve the remains of San Ignacio de Tubac, the oldest Spanish Presidio site in Arizona, which was established in 1752.

Big Horn Galleries: A famous art gallery in Tubac called Big Horn Galleries was founded in 2002. An outstanding collection of locally produced and Southwest-inspired artwork is shown in this ancient structure.


Popular Yearly Events and Festivities

Some of the most popular annual festivities and events in Tubac, Arizona, are the ones listed below:

Tubac Festival of the Arts: The Tubac Festival of the Arts, the longest festival in the Southwest, has an illustrious 62-year history of the yearly celebration. A sophisticated wine and beer garden, over 250 prominent artists and artisans, a selection of tasty festival restaurants, and engaging live entertainment are all included during the festival.

Anza Days: On the third weekend in October each year, the renowned Anza Days celebration offers several unique events at the prestigious Tubac Presidio State Historic Park.

Tubac Fine Art & Wine Fiesta: The Tubac Fine Art & Wine Fiesta is very popular in the fall since it marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season.

Tubac Luminaria Nights: Discover the magical atmosphere of Tubac, which is lighted up beautifully for the holidays and filled with captivating music.


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