San Mateo County Escrow

San Mateo County Escrow: Highlights

Through our colleagues to you, we’re outlining some critical facts that will put you in the know about this procedure. San Mateo County Escrow is an independent third party that holds money and papers from the seller, purchaser, and lender, which will be released and divided depending on mutual written instructions submitted to escrow by the buyers and sellers (also known as principals). Escrow may be referred to by an alternative term depending on your residence. For example, in Florida and Illinois, it is referred to as “the closing process,” whereas on the east coast, it is referred to as “settlement,” and in California, it is referred to as “escrow.” One of the essential responsibilities in the home-buying process is played by escrow officers, commonly called closing or settlement agents. To carry out the wishes of all transaction parties and ensure that the money is correctly distributed to all service providers and the seller, they gather all funds with closing instructions.


San Mateo Escrow Overview

The Escrow Officer often works for the title insurance company executing the transaction’s real estate title process. When they enter escrow, the buyer and seller agree on the ownership transfer details, which may also be referred to as a “closing” or “settlement,” depending on where you reside. The Escrow Officer receives these terms and conditions (commonly referred to as closing instructions) and must ensure that the parties’ written instructions are carried out before the closure. Closing will occur once all of the contract’s conditions have been met. The escrow officer gathers all necessary paperwork, and any unpaid expenses, such as title insurance premiums, real estate commissions, and inspection fees, are also paid. After that, the title to the property is transferred by the contract’s terms, documented with the relevant authority, and title insurance policies are issued.


The escrow officer acts as:

  • keeper of money and papers
  • a central clearinghouse for all payments of requests
  • a company to handle the administrative tasks necessary for the parties’ finances to be settled
  • Despite this, these officials or agents operate by the same regulations regarding what they can and cannot do.
  • Serve as a communications gateway between all parties engaged in the transaction and a neutral third party.
  • Follow any written instructions provided by the purchasers, sellers, or both (together known as the “principals” in the transaction).
  • As per the agreement between the parties, request a preliminary title insurance report or commitment for title insurance to confirm
  • ownership and indicate any liens and encumbrances that need to be removed before closing escrow.
  • For existing liens and encumbrances, ask for payback statements.
  • Review and process loan paperwork while adhering to lender regulations.


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