Burlingame Houses for Sale

The Golden State is a destination that blends relaxation and adventure the way PB&J, bacon & eggs, and bread & butter do. To experience the epitome of living here, explore the move-in-ready Burlingame houses and its beautiful communities. This charming city is nestled on the San Francisco Peninsula; hence you get stunning views of the Bay and the nearby hills. It is also a haven for surfing and hiking enthusiasts looking for an adrenaline rush. Explore its neighborhoods and experience what it’s like to live the California dream.


Live the California Dream in Burlingame Houses for Sale

Burlingame houses for sale offers a unique blend of coastal beauty and urban convenience. Prospective buyers can choose from spacious single-family homes, a well-connected townhouse complex, condominiums with complete amenities, multi-family investments, and even a few vacant lots for a fully custom house. If you prefer to be as close as possible to the Bay, the subdivisions of Oak Grove Manor, Lyon Hoag, Burlingame Gate/Grove, and Burlingame Terrace-Easton are the perfect choices. They boast water frontage, allowing residents to enjoy incredible vistas and easy access to aquatic activities. If you prefer a short commute to commercial hubs while still close to the waves, head to the communities of Burlingame Estate, Burlingame Hills and Skyline Terrace, Easton Addition, and Burlingame Park. They are all within a 3-mile radius and offer the best of both worlds. You can indulge in a residential area’s tranquility while conveniently located near thriving business districts, famous shopping centers, and a vibrant culinary scene.


A Snapshot of Burlingame Houses

The above was an overview of some of the best Burlingame neighborhoods. Now, we’ll dive deeper into what the homes in the region offer. The turn-key residences are durable, often with wood frames, stucco exteriors, and tile, hardwood, or carpet floorings. Starter dwellings range from $100,000 to $500,000, while luxury mansions can sell from $750,000 to $13.8 million. Downtown condominiums are on the higher end of the price tag ranging from $1.2M to $2M, fitted with lavish finishes. One thing they share in common? They all offer high quality of life just minutes from the Bay area and urban amenities. Interior living sizes measure from cozy 700 sq ft spaces to an extensive floor plan of more than 8,300 sq ft. They can easily accommodate one to twelve bedrooms and one to fifteen bathrooms. Imagine how comfortable that is for all members of the family! Many properties sit on 0.03 acres of land, but homesites can range from 0.03 to 2.52 acres.


Are The Houses for Sale in Burlingame the Perfect Place to Raise a Family?

If we want to go straight to the point, the answer to whether Burlingame is ideal for families is yes! Now, let’s break down why. The streets of Burlingame are meticulously maintained, making every drive or stroll through the neighborhood a smooth and pleasant experience. The crime rate is impressively low, especially compared to the national average. With a violent crime rate of just 11.5, you may rest easy, knowing your environment is secure. You don’t have to venture far for job opportunities either. The city is home to big names like Visa, L.Y.F.T., and Kaiser Permanente. The predicted future job growth over the next decade is 36.8% which translates to a promising career landscape for parents looking to provide for their families. It also enjoys a picture-perfect weather all year round. Its mild Mediterranean climate is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, so you can plan endless family adventures without worrying about extreme conditions.


Burlingame Destinations for All Ages

Now if you’re ready to bring the gang and turn the Burlingame houses into a home, you also have to know where and how to keep them entertained. Life, after all, is meant to be filled with moments, experiences, and memories! And what’s a community without wide open spaces with various amenities? The neighborhoods boast plenty of pocket parks in and around the vicinity. Cuernavaca Park has a playground, a picnic area, and incredible city views. It is within the perimeters of Mills Estates and the closest to I-280. Adjacent to it is Mills Canyon Park offering networks of unpaved hiking trails looping through forestland with a creek. It is the perfect destination for a fun outdoor adventure with a bit of stimulating physical activity. For a game of tennis, head to the well-maintained courts of Ray Park. Further up is Washington Park, an expansive ground beside Burlingame High School offering age-appropriate play structures, ball fields, and sports courts. And who wouldn’t want to take the entire family to Bayside Park? The name already suggests its location. It is a quiet spot to enjoy miles of walking trails, lighted softball, soccer fields, and an expansive dog turf amidst panoramic bay views.


Fun Facts About Burlingame

Burlingame is a gateway to the rest of the Bay Area and beyond. This charming city allows you to explore the Peninsula’s diverse attractions and cultural treasures with unparalleled ease. It embodies the essence of California living with its picturesque neighborhoods and stunning coastal landscapes. But what else do we need to learn about this region? Here are some interesting facts that sum up the city’s past, present, and future:

  1. Back in the day, the city was one of the pioneers in the aviation game due to its own airport. Nowadays, it’s turned into the hip Easton Addition neighborhood.
  2. The “City of Trees” is a total green paradise with homes surrounded by tree-lined streets and well-maintained parks that will leave you feeling like you’re on permanent vacation.
  3. Burlingame Avenue is where the magic happens! It’s a one-stop shop for all your shopping, dining, and entertainment needs. Enjoy wine, jewelry, toys, running shoes, and everything in between.
  4. Get ready to party! Burlingame knows how to throw a good shindig. They’re all about bringing the community together and having a blast while doing it through festivals happening all year round, like the famous Burlingame on the Avenue and the adorable Burlingame Pet Parade.
  5. Burlingame walks the talk when it comes to sustainability. They’re all about saving the planet, promoting recycling, and even offering charging stations for electric vehicles. Go green or go home, right?

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